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diaura-tatsuya said:
*Places an Easter egg in your inbox for you and flees* ಠuಠ  

*picks up the egg and grins* Thank you! Happy easter….. Is this edible?

Song: UnknownRabbit Hole
Artist: UnknownNatalia Kills
Album: UnknownTrouble
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I eat boys like a cannibal
Fuck hard, howl at the moon like an animal

I don’t give a damn shit

I don’t give a damn shit

Anonymous said:
Us, ostriches are endangered species ! I took a screenshot. To extort ! HA !  

…..well that’s not good. Wabbit’s are in danger now aren’t they? 

And the extortion bit. Oh boy…

Evil Sneaky Ostrich

Anonymous said:
They call you Fluffy ? Wabbits are. (=`ω´=)  

Ducks have feathers. 

…I wanna say it’s now duck season, but I can list off a handful of people that would be against that. 

It is now Ostrich season.